Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Please follow the following Submission Guidelines As a guide, both theoretical and empirical papers must be between 3,500 and 4,000 words in length. It must not exceed 20 pages with single space with references. Any paper exceeding this page limit will not be published.Papers for publication must be original and must not be submitted elsewhere for publication.

Papers must be formatted as per attached instructions containing following structure:

  1. Abstract: not more than 150 words. All papers must have
  2. Introduction
  3. Literature Review
  4. Data/Methodology/propositions
  5. Findings/analysis
  6. Conclusion and limitation

Please note:

  • After abstract (before introduction), broad track such as “Finance” must be written. Even you write JEL Code, you must mention the track
  • Please see the attached sample paper.

Submission and Subscription Fee

The journal submission fee (US$300) covers until 20 pages with single-spaced line, 12 point font and Arial type. However, there will be an additional charge of $20 for each extra page. Such payment should reach us within 30 days after the acceptance of the paper. This fee includes a printed copy of the journal for the corresponding author. Additional copies can be subscribed for the coauthors and US$60 per copy is charged which includes postage and handling. The journal will have online copy along with print copy.

Publication Process

The paper will undergo review process and an editorial review report will be emailed to the author for compliance within 4-5 months after end date of conference. The author must comply to review report and send us the revised paper and publication of the paper is subject to final approval by editor of the journal. Such payment can be made along with conference registration fee

Please note:

In case of noncompliance to these guidelines and review reports , your paper will be excluded from being published.
Please use the checklist provided below to ensure that your paper meets the requirements prior to publication. Please send us your paper in word format, not PDF files.

Checklist for Conference or Journal paper

Papers must be written in A4 paper size. (21cm x 29.7 cm) and the automatic margins that have been set for this paper size must be strictly adhered to for all text, headings, tables and figures.
Title of the paper is no more than 15 words, centred and in 16pt font.
Author(s) name(s) appear below paper title in 14pt font and centred
Leave two empty lines before and after the name(s) of the author(s)
All text in Arial provided
Section/sub-titles are in numbered sequentially, in bold and 14pt font
Leave one empty line before and after each section/sub-title
Line spacing throughout paper is single-spaced (no double spacing please)
Abstract is in italics and justified both with 2.5 inch margin on both sides
Field of Research is indicated after Abstract. Leave two empty lines after Field.
All text is in 12pt font except sub-titles
Author(s) affiliation, address and email is provided at the bottom of the first page in 10pt font
Figures, tables and charts are included within the body of the paper
Figures, text or tables are not coloured or shaded
Tables or figures do not break across two pages
All text is justified
Double space between two paragraphs are provided
No table provided in introduction, within conclusion and just after conclusion
All tables are provided within the margin and titles of the tables are centred
No space left at the beginning of the sentence of the new paragraph
Heading of the table or figure is provided on the top of the table or figure
End-notes are included – if applicable (Please do not use footnotes) before reference section
Paper has been checked for grammar and spelling
References provided at the end in alphabetical order and 1cm hanging indent. Please delete all brackets before and after year of publication
No headers to be included in the paper
Page numbers to be included in a footer on the bottom right hand corner of the page in Times New Roman size 12.

References should be complete and in Harvard style.

They should contain full bibliographical details and journal titles should not be abbreviated. For multiple citations in the same year use a, b, c immediately following the year of publication. References should be shown within the text by giving the author's last name followed by a comma and year of publication all in round brackets, e.g. (Fox, 1994). At the end of the article should be a reference list in alphabetical order as follows :

  1. For article:
    Bhatt, V.V. 1993. “Development banks as catalysts for industrial development, International Journal of Development Banking”, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 47-61.

  2. for books:
    Gerschenkron A.1966, Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective: A Book of Essays, Belknap, Massachusetts.

  3. for chapter in edited book:
    surname, initials and year, “title”, editor’s surname, initials, title, publisher, place, pages, e.g.

    Bessley, M. and Wilson, P. 1984, “Public policy and small firms in Britain”, in Levicki, C. (Ed.), Small Business Theory and Policy, Croom Helm, London, pp.111-26. Please note that the chapter title must be underlined.

Sample paper:

To download a sample paper click here